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ftwpoker wrote a review about Rivers Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA

What in the actual @#$%?

1st time and last time player at this location. Started on my journey in Philadelphia poker after spending the last 30 years in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Went through the reddit threads, twoplustwo and some good old hit the streets recon before buying into my 1st session here 8:30pm on a Friday night. Settled on coming here 1st by the most scientific method known ... the Lyft price from where I'm staying. $23 from West Oak Lane vs $49 to Parx. I play a little of everything so started in the HL room won $300 so I'm freerolling for poker. I typically play $2-5, $5-10 match the stack but will play deep stack $1-2 or $1-3 if the table is playing fairly aggressive preflop. In this moment they had seat open in their $2-5 game playing 5:8 handed I would be the 6th player with avg stacks of $4k. I would be capped at $1k so I passed and settled for a fairly deep stacked $1-3. So far so good. Then the flaws started to reveal themselves. Dealers are highly distracted with no accountability. They allow a button straddle with by itself isn't a problem. The problem is it goes unannounced by the distracted dealers and action starts from the straddle. I would normally dismiss the error as a one off but without fail every dealer missed it forcing the action and raises to be backed up to the small blind that hasn't acted yet. High hand promo is nice but there is $7 rake on the game. 4hrs later I'm checking Bravo and LYFT. Parx has $10-20 triple blind going and the ride is $30. Play one later and straddling the button look at trash. Dealer without fail misses the action in fold to a pfr, pick up my chips and head for the cage. 1 cashier and 1 verifier and the line is moving like molasses. 4 people in front of me 10min later pull my dwindled stack out of my Hoodia pocket and set in on the counter. Cashier miscounts the stack 3 times and 4th after correcting her, she's apparently new. OK, but then. The @#$% show starts after correcting her that forth time she finally comes up with the correct total. I look away ... never saying a word. She takes that as aggression and were off to the races to the ghetto. Mind you I haven't said a word outside of "can you count that again?" Now I'm the one "doing too much" "have an attitude problem" "it was a mistake it happens" and a few other things mumbled along the way. She finally counts out the correct cash after 5 tries still mumbling her vitriol the entire time. I grab the cash still haven't said a word. Start walking away and hear "loser", turn around and ask her to repeat what she just said and in pure ghetto fashion her reaction is loud inappropriate and unchecked by her peers or management. "Bye! Bye! Bye!" Is met with chuckles and stares throughout the room. I'm about on a 4:10 at this point swing by the players club asking who is in charge of the cage. The young man at the podium starts in with excusing her behavior as it's her 1st day. Now i'm on level 7 why should i give a @#$% if its her 1st day? This is my 1st day too. So yeah, Bye Indeed ... Bye Rivers.

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