Poker Tables:
60 Tables
Minimum Age:
vivechris wrote a review about San Manuel Casino in Highland, CA


Food is alright. Service is usually good but sometimes takes time. Dealers are okay but I think they are propping as I see a couple dealers enter the game. Games are pretty hard sometimes and with that being said you get Regs switching tables all the time. Poker is dead IMO and will continue to decline if management doesn't promote the game optimally. Not a feasible "job" although there are a couple grinders that I see here whenever I go (so they're obviously making some type of living). I play every stake in NLH up to 5/10 when they run it too even 1/3 when I'm sick of playing hard 2/5 tables. With that being said there is a influx of Regs at 2/5 that know what they're doing for the most part, few of which are complete nits.
You need to change the buy in for 2/5!
Make the cap $1000 which is only 200 BB
OR run a 5/5 game and get rid of 2/5.

By capping the game to $500 and allowing $200 buy in you crutch the game allowing no growth or wiggle room for the players.

As far as Tourneys go there are none which is an utter shame! (Only 1 tourney a month for the regs that play their).

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