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EricD wrote a review about South Point in Las Vegas, NV

Above average room

Tables are nice enough. They have Stainless steel cupholders are nice. Felt was in good condition. Chairs are comfortable. I sat for 9 hours straight and my back didn't start aching until the 8th hour. Overall room is pretty large with plenty of space to maneuver around players. Bathroom is very close. They do have a lot of promotions for Quads, St. Flushes etc. so there is also a promo rake. I believe it was $1 a pot

Had a few locals who were very tough. Quite a few tourist stopped by to dump a few buy-ins and then move on. Overall I thought the room was avg. to below avg. in difficulty.

All the dealers were decent. Game was dealt properly. Change given was always correct. Not the most personable but that doesn't bother me. I usually don't chat up the dealers anyways.

The bar is very close so service was pretty constant. They have fat tire beer which I thought was cool. The waitresses uniforms are pretty nice, especially on the right waitress.

Didn't have any memorable run-ins with management. Overall room seemed to be run well. I didn't play in a tournament so I cant speak to that aspect but I believe they are a $60 buy in. They have one every morning.

I didn't get a players card but comps are $1 hour an hour. You can only use them towards food. This Pretty skimpy compared to Bellagio and Aria

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from South Point Casino

1/hr. comps.
$300,000 Fall Freeroll - Qualifying from Sep 1 to Nov 30 - 100 Hours to qualify. $40,000 1st place prize. $200 bonus for qualifying. Up to $8/HR for logging additional hours

Hometown Hockey - Select LV Hockey Games will see money cash drawings for scores and end of periods. $200 for LV goals, $100 for other goals. $300 for LV win + more ways to win

Big Money Games - Select NFL games will award money for scores. 1 player wins; $100 for field goals, $200 for touchdowns and 2 players will receive $500 for a safety. $100 end of quarter and $200 if no score

Countdown to Kickoff - Every Mon & Thu before/after the NFL game, we will award cash prize to random players playing in promotion-eligible games. $50/30 minutes from 8a - 9:30a, $100/30 minutes from 10a to 1:30p, $200/20 minutes from 2p to 3:40p, $250/20 minutes from 4p to 4:40p, $500 at 5:00p and $100/30 minutes post-game until 11:30p

Hot Card November - Improve with Pocket Jacks & win bonus money. Flop a set for $75, Make 10s Full for $150, Flop 10s Full for $300, Make Quad 10s for $500 & Flop Quad 10s for $1,000. 50% payouts for all Omaha games for a full house or better. No payout for sets in Omaha

Instant High Hands - Instant payouts for quads ($50), Straight Flushes ($100), Steel Wheels ($150) and Royal Flushes ($250). Payouts Hold’em & Omaha

Bad Beat Bonus - $599 to the loser, $300 to the winner, $100 to each active player. Payouts for Hold’em & Omaha

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jipster wrote a review about South Point in Las Vegas, NV

poker action

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icull wrote a review about South Point in Las Vegas, NV

5 Stars

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