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lone_poker wrote a review about South Point in Las Vegas, NV

no control by staff

played there this past weekend (1/16/21) in the tournament and then cash game. i find the games very soft. players will not even raise pocket 10's as an open from any position. i saw this multiple times in the cash game. the problem i have is that the dealers have no control over the game. i don't know whether that is because floor will not back them up or if there is some other reason.

my ultimate guess is that there are so many locals and dealers are on a first name basis with most players that they do not want to change the way the game plays. it is like a home game with dealers.

i saw an angle shoot by a player sitting on my immediate left that the dealer did not do anything about. two players were heads up to the river and they both check. the guy next to me tells the opponent he has a card he does not have. opponent mucks her cards, he then shows his cards which show no card. he would have won the hand outright anyway which is the sad thing. he then proceeded to call it bluffing and was proud of it. he also explained how he did something similar at red rock casino. i am betting red rock kicked him out for doing it. dealer says nothing in this case and on to the next hand.

later, with the same dealer, we have 3 people on the turn when one guy bets out and one guy folds and one guy calls. river gets turned over and the first action that happens is the guy who folds slams the table. and i mean slams it hard enough the whole room could hear it. why? because the flush completed giving him the nut flush. again, dealer says nothing. the dealer was known by multiple people at the table so i am guessing he has experience and has been there a while so you cannot say he is new or something like that.

btw, none of these actions affected me in any way. i was not involved in these hands, but if i was i would have had a real problem with the dealer not doing anything. i would be @#$% to know that someone's actions could affect me adversely one way or the other when they are not involved in the hand or are trying to angle shoot me.

my spouse is a poker dealer at a strip property and she would be written up for these and other things i witnessed if she took the same course of action as this casino does, which is to say and do nothing.

some dealers also seem to have an attitude like they don't even want to be there and can be a bit rude, but that happens at many casinos so i cannot say that is much different than anywhere else.

needless to say, even though it has very soft games i will not be going back due to lack of control over the games by the staff. and i am a las vegas local so i can go back whenever i want. if you think you can put up with this lack of control by the staff to play in soft games then by all means have a go at it. it is not for me. i like structure i can depend on in my games, where you don't have players doing things that can affect the outcome of hands outside of betting and checking.

gonna rate the dealers below average. a few are fine and competent but a few bring the average way down. also have to bring down management because i have to assume they allow this stuff to go on and that is what brings the dealers down. no food service at this time because of covid rules and drink service is just average. the room itself is fine. tables spaced out enough and it is clean enough with many tv's to watch if you want to catch whatever is on.

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Announcements from South Point Casino

1/hr. comps.
$300,000 Fall Freeroll - Qualifying from Sep 1 to Nov 30 - 100 Hours to qualify. $40,000 1st place prize. $200 bonus for qualifying. Up to $8/HR for logging additional hours

Hometown Hockey - Select LV Hockey Games will see money cash drawings for scores and end of periods. $200 for LV goals, $100 for other goals. $300 for LV win + more ways to win

Big Money Games - Select NFL games will award money for scores. 1 player wins; $100 for field goals, $200 for touchdowns and 2 players will receive $500 for a safety. $100 end of quarter and $200 if no score

Countdown to Kickoff - Every Mon & Thu before/after the NFL game, we will award cash prize to random players playing in promotion-eligible games. $50/30 minutes from 8a - 9:30a, $100/30 minutes from 10a to 1:30p, $200/20 minutes from 2p to 3:40p, $250/20 minutes from 4p to 4:40p, $500 at 5:00p and $100/30 minutes post-game until 11:30p

Hot Card November - Improve with Pocket Jacks & win bonus money. Flop a set for $75, Make 10s Full for $150, Flop 10s Full for $300, Make Quad 10s for $500 & Flop Quad 10s for $1,000. 50% payouts for all Omaha games for a full house or better. No payout for sets in Omaha

Instant High Hands - Instant payouts for quads ($50), Straight Flushes ($100), Steel Wheels ($150) and Royal Flushes ($250). Payouts Hold’em & Omaha

Bad Beat Bonus - $599 to the loser, $300 to the winner, $100 to each active player. Payouts for Hold’em & Omaha

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