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allnighter wrote a review about South Point in Las Vegas, NV

Poor Handling of Dealer "Mistakes"

I am a Vegas local who has played many tournaments at various locations. I was grinding and grinding and getting sort of mediocre cards, and finally I ended up with A-5o. I called, one other player behind called. On the flop, there was a five, giving me bottom pair. We both checked the flop as the other player was the giant stack at the table. The turn, an A, gave me two pair. I decided to go all in by literally "pushing" my three stacks in. The other player called my all in, and I thought the dealer told us to "flip." When it was apparent that I had two pair vs opponent's one pair, the dealer pushed all the chips, including my three stacks, back at me, making it impossible to separate out which chips were mine and which were in the pot originally. The floor manager came over and said there was nothing he could do. I then took a chance with pocket 7s that I normally would not have done and busted out. I complained to the floor mgr that it was THE DEALER'S mistake, and that they should at least give me a voucher to join another tournament. As far as I know no disciplinary action was taken against the dealer. Someone who I emailed back & forth in mgmt offered me a "buffet pass" as a concession. I was REALLY @#$% OFF.

I can say that playing the South Pt had been on my bucket list for a long time because of the good guarantees offered for some tournaments. However, BEWARE of "mistakes" and how they are handled. I will NEVER play poker here again. Better tournaments are available at the Venetian and at the Golden Nugget (weekends) that have good guarantees.

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