MrLockdown wrote a review about Spirit Lake Casino in St. Michael, ND

Thank God for the Lake!

I tried to forget this place. I really did. Not much to say about this except I have to say take a pass.

The place wasn't in real good shape and it is super-smoky. When you're used to playing a non-smoking facility, this is quite a shock. The staff at the casino/hotel was not good. Not sure how that happened because ND'ers are usually very nice but ah well. The actually poker room staff was ok.

Played a tourney and the players were average at best. Really hard to get through with any advanced plays at all.

Nothing really on promos. This room is an afterthought here.

They did have a good cheap buffet and the place is on a really nice lake. But as for making a special poker trip here, no way it's worth the drive.

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