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FacesOverAces wrote a review about Stars Casino in Tracy, CA

1/1/2 NL Tracy, CA

No limit games usually start around 10 am. There is a promotion if you call in before 10am or show up before that time you will receive $80 in chips for a $50 buy in. Minimum buy in is $40 and $200 max when games are first started, but you can buy up to the larges stack after chips accumulate.
The best games tend to be in the late afternoon/nighttime, but there is loose action all day long. Living locally I play here on a regular basis. There are quite a lot of players limping into pots, and then calling big raises with junk hands. At night some of the games can get wild with a lot of squeeze action, but in general there isn't too much 3 betting going on. It's not out of the question to run a $200 stack up to over $1000, especially in the night games. The high hand promotion is pretty good value. I've seen it roll over to $200-$250.
Promotions they offer: High hand: $50 an hour. Any full house qualifier. Rolls over every hour if not hit.
Bad Beat Jackpot: Quad 8's beat $30000. AAAKK beat by Quads $10,000. Any Aces Full beat $1000. 40% to losing hand 20% to winning hand 40% table share
Dash for Cash: Get paid to play by the hour. Hours accumulate over the course of the month. Play 10-60 hours receive $2 per hour. 61-120 hours receive $3 per hour. 121-199 hours receive $4 an hour. 200+ hours receive $5 an hour.

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