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EATRYCE wrote a review about Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights, CA

Great New Poker Room in Sac Area

So I'll be writing a review about the new card room that opened up in Citrus Heights, CA. This room is not a far drive from Sacramento so if you are looking to find a game at any time of the day, this is the spot. This card room has 15 tables most of which is used for cash games. They spread many games as low as $1/$2 NL to $5/$10 NL. When it's busy they have Limit games and Omaha. Also after talking to the staff, they said they would spread any game as long as there is a dealer that can deal it and there are enough players. The room itself is very high end. It looks like a high end poker room you would find in Vegas. The chairs are comfortable and the tables even have USB ports so you can charge your phone during those long sessions. The staff is very friendly and they make you feel welcome right when you step in. Overall if you want a great poker experience here in the Sacramento area, I would recommend playing at Stones. It is right off Highway 80 on Antelope. You cannot miss it they have a nice big sign off the highway!

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