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Bhard wrote a review about TCH Dallas in Dallas, TX

Be prepared to Work, not Smile

This place is by default the best legal place to play poker. The parking is atrocious as you walk towards the place you get a idea about what your in for. A bunch of loitering players smoking and waiting. Waiting for DoorDash, etc who eats entire meals at the table?? Professional poker players that's who. Look I was a young grinder prior to Black Friday but once you get a seat look around and see who's actually having a good time, smiling, talking to table mates and catch a game gamble and have fun. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE. The players are there to make a living pay mortgage etc. not there to be social and have fun. This is the place for waking up to a pair being bet into for $30 and repop to $75-85 on a 1-2 table. If you thin out the calling stations and get down to 3-4 going to a flop hitting a set then jamming just to take the hand down. It is the place were you get called with 3-5 suited they hit runner runner.

This is not a cooler because they took the 1-3 off???? WTF so all they 1-3, 2-5 players are basically living up there on the 1-2 guys. I read a older man's post where he says the exact same.

So this is the place to make a living playing poker it is not the place where you think "I feel like catching a game, gamble and be around people that want to have fun!!!

I'm very disappointed. I want poker to thrive in Dallas make a little money and meet all kinds of great people. This ain't it. I won't be going back and you'll find me at Choctaw's new room and WinStar.

The only reason I would go back is if the 1-3 is put back on.

PS. I failed to mention the highest price in Texas.

13 bucks a hour - @#$% a good bomb pot takes 10 minutes

Promos suck, girl at the door well depends on their mood that day.

With all the money they are making they could at least put in auto shufflers.
25 a month for membership

It is also the place where you got to the mens room to see that your the only one washing your hands.

I have played there about 10 times before giving a review. I've never woke with Aces and have them hold.

This is the place to buy in for a small amount and flip every other hand. So be prepared to work not gamble

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Announcements from Texas Card House Dallas

Refer-a-friend - You get a free hour and they get a free monthly + an hour
-Once they play 5 hours of cash, you get $50 in time back!

$10,000 Freeroll
-All new members in May and "Qualifying" Referees will receive an entry to a $10,000 no buy-in Freeroll Tournament on June 9th!
-See website for full rules and restrictions

-Now featuring Ladies only $1/1 NLH: $40-100 on Thursdays!
-Intro to NLH beginners game - $1/1 NLH: $40-100 on Mondays!

Check out some of our Specialty Games:
Rebecca's Game - Congress with 2 Bomb Pot Buttons - Sunday's and Tuesday's at 1 PM
Thursdays - $20-40 Limit Mixed Games
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Joker316 wrote a review about TCH Dallas in Dallas, TX

good room

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