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007toker wrote a review about TCH Dallas in Dallas, TX

Casey herndon

I used to like coming up there and playing but they changed it to where you could buy in for 500 instead of 300, people jump for table to table. Dealers don't say anything cause management doesn't back them up at all. People will sit down with 200, then get up an go to other table with chips in pocket an will cheat an come in for 1300, 900 etc. People will talk to players while in hand and dealers don't say anything ... like I said, it used to be a place I would love to come to cause I live 2 miles away, now I would rather go to poker house and I really hate to say that but stuff needs to be fixed and players need to have etiquette. I'm going to start going up to podium an start leaving a review of everything that happens and if nothing changes you won't see me much anymore.

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jtug wrote a review about TCH Dallas in Dallas, TX

Player from Houston

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denfan98 wrote a review about TCH Dallas in Dallas, TX


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