Poker Tables:
7 Tables
Minimum Age:
1:00pm - 12:00am
6:00pm - 11:00pm
5:00pm - 12:00am
5:00pm - 2:00am
1:00pm - 2:00am
gambler1111 wrote a review about The Barrel in Franklin, KY

Some Hard Truths for TBS & Ky and Nashvilles lack of poker interest .

Why does a poker room have trouble in Kentucky? Let me pick a tiny town to put it in say Paducah or Franklin or London and wonder why there is barely one game on one table for a few hours with numbers dwindling rapidly. Yes Nashville is just down 65 from Franklin, ky but the amount of traffic from the construction makes it a bit of a haul. Also most players are losing players so once the losing starts to pile up, that person is done for awhile. Hold'em Poker is a tough game and apparently only very popular in the state that proceeds Hold'em.
So other than a radio spot or a social media post is all the advertising I have ever seen, field of dreams was just a movie. If you build it they will........have a tough time getting a cash game going. I sense a lot of unsure feelings from owners/management. I am guessing that is why the practically non-existent advertising. They aren't selling memberships either, scared they might to pay them back if the business folds. A shoestring budget is apparent, I guess they thought, throw it out there and see if it sticks. It hurts to throw good money after bad, just like a bluff into the best hand. A poker social club has been a gamble that has had few winners but plenty of losers.
In the beginning they would put clueless dealers on a game and have the table train the dealers and still have you pay $13 an hour and only get 10 to 12 deals for your money. Experienced dealers deal around 20 hands per hour.
I have seen players numerous times attempt to not pay the bet and get away with it and the dealers not notice and nothing was said. Poker cards on the floor and not returned after the deal.
So we have a unregulated gambling spot, I have seen nothing that ensures me a regulated fair game is being offered.
If you go here please as always pay attention.
The old adage you can't lose what you don't put in the middle is irrelevant here as the $10 daily fee and $13 an hour can quickly dig you into a hole that is hard to get out of.
Just to quell the naysayers who would say, "I bet he is just a sore loser who lost big there and is now salty." When I quit going I wasn't a winner because I left my pre-paid hours on their system, negating winnings. Honestly there are more ways to play poker than having to deal with the worry of waiting for a cash game, that possibly has the owners sitting in to fill the seats. I have to pay $13 an hour to play against the house or dealers on their day off. I tip the dealers so they bring my money back against me on their day off? Wtf. Yeah these small town poker rooms are just unregulated nightmares.

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Announcements from The Barrel Social Club

Updated 06/18/2024
All NEW members will receive a FREE $20 worth of cash game time rental!

♦️ $10 daily
♦️ $25 weekly
♦️ $60 monthly
♦️ $300 annual

Seat Rental
Cash Games = $13/hour
Tournaments = varies

♦️ Mon: 6pm - 12am
♦️ Tue: CLOSED
♦️ Wed: CLOSED
♦️ Thu: 5pm - 12am
♦️ Fri: 5pm - 2am
♦️ Sat: 1pm - 2am
♦️ Sun: 1pm - 12am

6PM, $60 Turbo Thursday REVAMP
15k starting stack, 12 min blinds
Up to 3 x $20 add ons at end of reg = +10k chips each

Rotating Saturdays at 2PM

Optional $20 donation on every buy in gets extra starting chips

💥 JUNE 29 - $20 FRENZY 💥
$20 buy in with $20 x 3 add ons on break (25k chips for each $20)
15 min blinds (12 min blinds after break)

🥶 JULY 6 - $200 Summer Freezeout 🥶
$3,000 GTD prize pool
20 minute blinds
1 entry ONLY

Sundays at 2PM
Every 2nd Sunday = $250 Black Chip Bounty
Every 1st, 3rd, 4th Sunday = $160 Double Green Chip Bounty

Every Sunday in JULY, climb the ladder!
Win the week for a cash prize, trophy, and entry into next week's buy in.
(Runners up will also win cash prizes.)
JUL 7 $100
JUL 14 $200
JUL 21 $400
JUL 28 $800

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