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yvelez1977 wrote a review about The Lodge in Round Rock, TX

7:15 pm Freeroll ????

Poker players,

Did you read the title?

Said $30 Thursday Freeroll. You pay a buy in of $30 to play in a freeroll tournament and they withdraw $11 for staff fee.

Can we get a explanation please??

  • Hi Yvelez1977. I'm not sure what your gripe is here, but I'll explain this tournament and our other Texas Freerolls.

    The colloquial use of the term "freeroll" in Texas poker rooms still involves an initial entry fee, which is required to enter the club (this is in lieu of the hourly seat rental fee cash game players must pay). That initial entry gets you a "free" first buy-in, but as you likely saw if you played the tournament, it's essentially a rebuy tournament, which is what allows us to get such big prize pools in these small tournaments.

    All of the details for these events can be found on our website and on Poker Atlas. These Texas Freerolls, in particular the one on Tuesday, are some of our most popular tournaments.

Announcements from The Lodge Poker Club

Come play at the largest card club in Texas and one of the largest in the world! Known for popular tournaments, thriving cash games, and a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Open 24/7! There's something for everyone at this social club in Round Rock, Texas, just outside of Austin. 2+ tournaments every day and cash games all day and night! See full list of upcoming tournaments

No hourly charge: 8AM-11AM ON WEEKDAYS!


March 25 at 12:15PM: The $10K GTD Black Chip Bounty ($300 Buy-In)

March 31 - April 2: $100K GTD Spring Madness ($300 Buy-In)

April 8 at 12:15PM: The $30K GTD Big One Re-Entry ($360 Buy-In)

April 26 - May 16: The Lodge Championship Series

April 27 - 30: LCS Event #4 - $250K GTD No Limit Hold'em ($400 Buy-In)

May 4 - 7: LCS Event #12 - $500K GTD No Limit Hold'em ($800 Buy-In)

May 10 - 16: $2M GTD Lodge Championship Main Event

Watch cash game action on our YouTube channel:

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jdubb wrote a review about The Lodge in Round Rock, TX

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mlutey wrote a review about The Lodge in Round Rock, TX

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