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jlp2535 wrote a review about The Poker Room in Duluth, GA

I warned them

It's crazy because I like going there but I hadn't been in a while.. I went there the week before and took a friend for the 1st time. Before I left I went to speak to the new owner and and told him something that that I had noticed that caused concern. His response to me was, " Why do I think that? Where did I hear that from? Or how do I know that? And then he proceeded to say that I was incorrect and they were fine they have a gaming attorney and he has police officers on the payroll. Also, that they are getting ready to open 20 of them in Georgia." So it sucks to hear this especially when I was just trying to give some advice. I'm new to playing here locally at either of the poker rooms I'm very observant and it's pretty obvious as to what things shouldn't be done what would make it illegal versus legal. However, as much as you may be trying to help, some people take offense to getting advice from outsiders instead of using caution and maybe check into it.

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Madsocca wrote a review about The Poker Room in Duluth, GA


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pt777 wrote a review about The Poker Room in Duluth, GA

safety is #1

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