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johnspence wrote a review about Thousand Islands in Gananoque, ON


So I've been to poker rooms all over North America. And surprisingly (and not) some of the worst are in Canada, especially Fallsview (what a cheating dump, too bad the action is good) which is now at Niagara (stupid move), and THIS HORRIBLE PIT OF LOCAL FAVS.

I went on a Friday a few times, good action, but horrible rake ($7) and was told Saturdays are better. Bad move.

The dealer was incompetent:
- 2 misdeals (what do they do? Just deal the guy two new 3 string bets unregulated (Guy slides out $25 to match a bet, then says $100, and slides out $75 more...WOW never seen that). TOTAL regular favoritism, I can say that because of this incident.

Came Saturday, barely anyone, lots of young (bitter) regs. I'm 50, wanted a seat change to see better, some 25 year old starts chiding me (he'd lost a hand and so was mad) and started laughing at me, so I shot back. He kept chiding back, the house got involved, and in my experience, thats the end of it. The house kept saying "One more word, and you're moving or out." So I kept my mouth shut.

He keeps going. I wait. He keeps talking. I call floor. "If anyone says one more word, out." I shut up. He keeps talking. I don't say anything. He keeps talking. Floor.

"If anyone says one more word, out."

Floor leaves. He keeps talking. I'm thinking "What is this." So I shut up entire session before guy busts out (regular who sucks bad, maybe thats why), and he still talks trash on the way out.

Game busted by 11pm. HORRIBLE room, DO NOT go, spend the extra hour to go to playground...sure rake is bad there too, but at least they treat you like a king with free food and booze.

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