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vinnystax wrote a review about Thunder Valley in Lincoln, CA

Thunder Value Town, Population You

Been playing here for 5+ years and I feel this has consistently been one of the leaders (And as of recently THE undisputed leader) of the pack as far as the local poker community is concerned. Great mix of recreational and regular players, lots of well-trained, friendly, and professional dealers, solid management, reasonable wait times for cash game seats, well run tournaments with very good formats and experienced/knowledgeable TD(s) (not sure if they have more than one tournament director, but I know the main one is well known, respected, and generally considered to be a great TD), good comps and great promos all year round, good competition at every limit, generally friendly atmosphere at the tables, clean room filled with flat-screens playing whatever sports event(s) the general majority is interested in watching. I really appreciate the fact that TV's poker room is so versatile and accommodating as well. No matter what their players need, whether it be extra cash or tournament tables, extra dealers from the pits, etc., they can accommodate. Also the location, although not right in most people's backyard, is still relatively central to the Sacramento area which allows for an even more diverse and constantly growing player base. I'm no TV shill, but writing this review has reminded me why it's my favorite place to play and that I can't say enough good things about it.

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