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vegasguy12345 wrote a review about Venetian in Las Vegas, NV


A tourist had pocket Aces, I had king four raised preflop he called and the flop came K8K. He goes all in i call and I crack his aces in a tournament. I never said a word to him or did anything to him. Later on in the same tournament we are at a different table and he tells security to throw me out. He was still mad about me cracking his aces a few hours earlier.

The dealers and floor man are provoking me and being rude to me when i have done nothing to this loser tourist. The dealers even rub it in my face and laugh when i lose a hand and are now on the tourists team. I explain that I have done nothing to this guy but beat him in a hand.

I leave the room very angry and very disrespected.

I come back to play 2 years later and security is called on me and the manager lies to my face repeatedly. He then bans me and says he doesnt want my business. I am not allowed to set foot on their property ever again.

If you are local they dont want you here and will provoke you and disrespect you for no reason. NEVER go to this room. NEVER spend money here EVER. I wouldnt want my worst enemy experiencing the way i was treated here.

I am an honest and respectful guy. Im not rude to anyone and i dont say anything to anyone while im at the tables. This is what happened to me. Learn from my mistakes. DO NOT PLAY HERE THEY WILL DO YOU DIRTY IF YOU ARE A LOCAL! LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!

I would have selected zero for a rating but i had to select one for a rating. TERRIBLE LYING MANAGERS SCUMBAGS LOWLIFES

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