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crosswaters wrote a review about WSOP in Las Vegas, NV

Bad chairs, slow cocktail waiters, bad dealers

I played some cash games and I can honestly say it was a horrible experience, my lower back is in pain after playing for less then 2 hour. The chairs are too low and hard, it's VERY uncomfortable. During the 2 hours only one cocktail waiter came by after about a hour, a young Asian man that couldn't hear well. The Heineken I ordered came in a small plastic cup. That was the last I saw of any cocktail waiters. The dealers who dealt to me were slow and confused, missing action, not calling straddles, not polite. The other players were nitty regulars that did not talk, was a bad experience all around. The atmosphere was that of a cash grab, everything setup to maximize profit for them, unfortunately it made for a very uncomfortable situation that I was not a fan of. What were they thinking? There was also no comps at all, no promos, nothing. The rake is $5, which is far to high without comps. Management sent my friend and I to a new table, as we requested to be seatrd together, but after playing a hand at the new table, new management came over and told us that we couldn't move, so management was confused and making mistakes without consulting each other. What a horrible experience. The chips were clean and new however, but they say Paris on them? Oh well... So much for playing cash games at the WSOP, I will not be back.

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