Wynn Summer Classic - Series Event - Mystery Bounty - Day 1D

Monday, Jul 5, 2021
Late Reg. – 7:30pm
$1,600 No Limit Holdem
  • Wynn Casino

Tournament Info

Event Name
Wynn Summer Classic - Series Event - Mystery Bounty - Day 1D
Event Type
Series Event
Game Type
NL Holdem
Event Start Date
Monday, Jul 5, 2021
Starting Flights
Length of Event
2 days


Start Time
Registration Closes

Buy-In Details

Total Buy-In
Entry Fee


Starting Chips
Starting Blinds
Ante Type
Big Blind
Through first 9 levels.




Level Time
Break Length
10 min
Break Frequency
Every 3 levels, 60-minute break after level 9.
Blind Structure
Structure Notes
Day 1A plays through the end of level 15 or until approx. 11% of the field remains. All subsequent flights will play the same amount of time as Day 1A. Day 2 resumes 7/6 at Noon.

Other Info

General Notes
$500,000 of the tournaments guarantee is designated for the bounty prize pool. Bounties are considered part of the prize pool. $100 from each entry will be distributed on Day 1 as the players bounty. All players who advance to Day 2 will keep their own $100 bounty. Players are responsible for keeping their $100 Bounty visible and on the table at all times. They may remove from play any earned bounty prizes. $400 from each entry will be pooled and distributed as "mystery bounties" on Day 2. All players who advance to Day 2 will become a "mystery bounty". As bounties are earned a supervisor must be called to issue the bounty payout slip. Bounties on Day 2 will range in value from $500-$100,000 All "mystery bounty" prizes will be listed prior to the start of Day 2. All "mystery bounties" will be sealed in an envelope and placed in a drawing drum. Players will have their earned "mystery bounty" prizes drawn for them when they redeem their bounty slip. .All bounty prizes will be split evenly in the event that multiple players have the identical hand which eliminates a player. Bounty prizes will be paid in Wynn Las Vegas casino chips. Players who earn a bounty may redeem their prize immediately. All bounties must be redeemed within one hour of the tournaments conclusion.