Counterfeit Chips


So now that someone pulled that big stunt at the Borgata, what's everyone else going to do about it? Doubtful only guy was in on it and someone had to make those chips. What's WSOP going to do to make sure the same thing doesn't happen?

By the way, didn't that idiot know there was an OCEAN nearby instead of using the toilet???? :P


  1. yeah how dumb can you be? i wonder how they knew which room the chips came from

  2. @IFeelGood What do they know which pipes go to each room? Big brother!!!

  3. Who does that?! Retarded!

  4. I'm still wondering wtf this guy was doing with 400 chips!?! That's a LOT!

    I've always felt that it's a major oversight by casinos to NOT take inventories of chips BEFORE and AFTER tournaments. It should be a gaming law requirement. Too many casinos use the same chips year after year.....and even worse, use the same chips in $100 buyin tournaments as they do in $1,000 buyins. Too easy to play in a cheap tournament, steal chips, and then sneak them into play in a bigger one.

  5. If WSOP was smart they'd get about 3 sets of chips each year, rotate them into different events and then sell them all off the next year as authentic game-used chips. Problem solved and WSOP makes even more money from players.

  6. Talking about dumping your chips. That was a busted flush draw. I've heard of bad runs but geez...

  7. I bet they do nothing. That would cost money and it's not any casino's strong suit much less WSOP right now. And I'd willing to bet there are guys out there right now who were in on it and planning to do it again.

  8. What was really funny was how everyone was saying they hoped he gets banned from all poker rooms. I don't suppose sending him to JAIL would work!