Borgata Tournament

Question by pokervane about Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa Posted

I am planning a trip to Borgata next week to play in a tournament.

Do you think they'll have enough chips or should I bring my own?



  1. Oh my. That wasn't nice. BWAHHAHA!

  2. Easy on Borgata. It's still one of the best places to play in the world. Tab and those guys are some of the best what they do.

  3. Well, if they don't change anything you might as well. Just make sure to dirty them up with years of finger scum so they match.

  4. Rumor has it, if you take a plunger to some of Caesars toilets, you can get on average 20,000 in chips. Not bad for a 2nd bullet... lawllll

  5. @GameChanger Nice to see you around here, Faraz.


  6. Gave a new meaning to "Chips Ahoy".

  7. If the fakes would have made it to the ocean, you could have had a nice fish and chips dinner!