How bad was this fold? 1/3 game

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Very 1st hand on a brand new table of 1/3 that plays closer to 3/5 7 players w/300 ea
Folds to button he raises 20 folds to me Q9d BB and I call. Flop 9d 2h 10d
he cbets 45 i call pot is 140ish turn is a 2 at which point he shoves for 130ish I fold. He shows a 7d/2d. I know on the flop I should have checked raised him, but after that he says he calls with the 3 twos and flush draw. Bad fold I came to gamble but not 1st hand for 300.00 was my thinking. There was also a 400.00 high hand if i hit the st8 flush.


  1. Flop was Jd 2c 10d

  2. @dmbfan
    In that situation your calling 20pre, to hit a flush or at least I am, q9d I'm not looking for a pair, I'm looking for a big draw as that's what you flopped, in that situation since u had position and he only had 130 behind after that cbet, I would have just shoved anyway, even if you up against an over pair, which he raised pre, most likely hand, you have 17 outside twice, 34/52 cards your a mathematical favorite. Next even after he shoves the turn your getting over 2/1 on a call, so you only have to win 1/3 to be profitable, and even if he has you beat you have 9diamonds, and 6 straight cards so 15/52 nearly 30% so yes I think you should have called. Just my opinion though

  3. If you don't like to gamble on the first hand, then it was a good fold. Your small mistake was calling the preflop raise with a marginal hand when you're not trying to gamble on the first hand. Since you did call and got a big combo draw on the flop, you should have gone all in on his $45 flop bet. His bet made the pot around $90 already. You want your opponent to fold there because, yeah, you have a big draw, but you still have to hit. If he has a high overpair, 2 pair or a set and calls, then you have a good amount of outs with your straight flush draw. Knowing he had 7d2d, he probably would have folded to a flop all-in with bottom pair and a small flush draw because your all-in would have represented a better made hand or a bigger flush draw than his and he could think that even if he made his flush, yours would be bigger. As played, if you would have shoved the turn, he definitely wasn't folding with trip 2's. As far as it being a bad fold if this hand would have happened later in the session, AS PLAYED, I still think it would have been a good fold because I think your opponent became a favorite with only the river left.

  4. I agree you should have checked shoved. In addition, I would try to look at poker as one long continuous game instead of a new game each time you sit down. It will make it easier to make these plays in the future

  5. I agree with everyone that the move was probably to check-shove the flop. I also agree with the previous poster about the way you look at cash games vs tournaments. I'd be more in agreement with the cautious approach on the first hand of a tournament, especially if there were no rebuys. But I think pretty much every decision in cash should be made on the merits of that decision, outs, odds, stack sizes, position, etc. It shouldn't be an issue if you have been at the table for 3 hours or three minutes.