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  1. How bad was this fold? 1/3 game

    Very 1st hand on a brand new table of 1/3 that plays closer to 3/5 7 players w/300 ea Folds to button he raises 20 folds to me Q9d BB and...
  2. Mukilteo poker tour.

    Looking for a few more players for every other friday night home tourneys in mukilteo. We have tourneys from 20.00 to 80.00 buyins, depen...

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56k bad beat jackpot

Giving a 5 star simply because I just sat down and the 3rd hand witnessed a str8 flush over str8 flush for a bad beat... Read More

where ya all at?

Stopped playing here for 2 weeks and the tournament dies. Came by 3 times last week to play players? Maybe... Read More