2 of the greatest folds in poker history(NOT) part2

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wed morn @ Mirage. again aces cracked does not start until 9:30a for lack of players. played 3 hrs and finished +$28. lunch money. Carnegies has a great roast beef sandwich!
wed knight, i slow played cowboys as i have V2 covered but V2 has
position so i checked to him after flop which was K,8,8 and V2 pushes so after some careful thought,can u say i c a hollywoon moment?lol, i call and he turns over A,8 which gives him trips with and A kicker,oh no.lol i only have a boat as i have a lowly K,K,K,8,8. blanks on turn and river again the usual hollywood stuff and i as asked by the dealer what do i have. i crack a smile and say cowboys why? so i finish ahead $362.
3rd trick Ballys: what a difference a knight makes as only 3 tables r running and a 4th is started 20 minutes after i arrive. previous night 8 tables running @ 10p. lost $118 mostly to calling and NOT hitting royal,aces suited and pair flops. oh well it happens. i hit only 1 aces suited draw and no royals.

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  1. @Santa Fe Rail

    am i reading this correctly in that you slow rolled here and in the other story where you had KKs?

  2. Wow, "the usual hollywood stuff"? Why do you do stuff like this, and do you think you are going to get a pat on the back by posting it? This is a really classless, scummy thing to do, and you seem to be proud of it.

  3. Is this what poker is becoming. sad state

  4. I have to agree with others, why do you think something is hollywooding it by slow rolling. Do you think this is amusing? You are just going to piss a lot of people off by doing this. If you are doing the hollywood stuff (as you say) to get someone to make a call, fold or raise, or whatever action you want them to take by doing it, I have no problem with someone doing that every once in awhile, but basically doing an act you like you lost the hand, then smiling or laughing and rolling over the winner after a 5 seconds or longer is poor at best. I dont think a lot of us are commenting on this to be mean to you, but just pointing out that doing this is not good.

  5. I wouldn't mind but your trip reports are so boring

  6. Please learn the defiition of what Hollywooding actually is (hint: it is not holding the nuts at showdown until after your opponent has shown and the dealer asks what you have) and stop being a slow rolling asshole.

  7. There is no need to slow roll in poker. It is classless. Act like you have been at the table before and show some class. It is disappointing that you think this is the way to act at the table.

  8. There is a great Tony G quote that applies to you.

    "you're a disgrace to the game"

    I wish a thousand slow rolls upon you. Pathetic.


  9. I honestly think that Sante Fe rail's posts are satire. Making fun of people that actually play that way! I could be wrong, but interestingly this is the most grief that I've seen given to a poster! It's funny how much people hate slow-rollers - me included - but sometimes if you don't instantly flip your cards over in 0.0042 miliseconds after the final call the (losing)Villian will call you a slow-roller. Can't make everyone happy. But those jack-azzes that go in the tank for extended period, after action is complete, they deserve 1000 bad beats from a ryhmically challenged Dr. Dre Tribute band.

  10. I seem to recall playing with the fella at the IP mixed game a year or so ago...he was much the same a-hole then.

  11. I wasn't sure if it was satire. That's why I posed it as a question. Maybe he'll give some context when he catches up

  12. can anyone say five day bender?

    i expect slow rolls when people dont immediately muck.

  13. The only slow roll that I every enjoyed seeing was when mel gibson did it in the movie maverick. When he looks at his card, signs, pauses for a second then throws the card in the air face up to complete his royal. But that is one that i enjoyed in the hundreds I have seen or more i have seen.

  14. What a douche

  15. It's not satire. He made a very similar post 2 years ago, where I and several others told him that such behavior is unacceptable and could actually result in an ass kicking if he does it to the wrong people.


    Santa Fe Rail: There's no reason to slow roll here when poor V2 is all in on the flop and with a mighty good hand, too. Hollywooding could possibly be an OK play when you're trying to manipulate further action, but all action was done once he was all in and you called.

    You should cut out the Hollywooding/slow rolling/douchebaggery and just play straight poker. No one is impressed, either on AVP or at the table.

  16. It's not satire. He made a very similar post 2 years ago, where I and several others told him that such behavior is unacceptable and could actually result in an ass kicking if he does it to the wrong people.

    I stand corrected Mrs. Lederer, and the rest of you who saw the post for what it was - a guy bragging about being a schmuck! On that 2009 post, if it's any consolation, he didn't get max valu with his slow rolled quads. Or so it appears :grin:

  17. I said it two years ago and I will say it again, SFR is, hands-down, the best poster on this site...so long as he is a parody.

  18. @BABarracus

    LOLZ.... which could still be the case.

    we need some more drama around here anyways, right?

  19. Not a parody.

  20. For any of you who have met SFR, is he an older guy (maybe in his 50s), with short hair, looks kind of scraggly and wears a hat +/- green jacket?

    Just wondering if he is the same prick who slowrolled me on a recent trip to TI?



    P.S I told that guy to go f&%* himself.

  21. @TI Poker


    If it was you think he would say that it was, but he has not done that... Clearly not a parody.

  22. I don't understand the point of the hollywood stuff. If you are trying to make yourself a target then there is no better way to behave.