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  1. June 23-26

    Flew out Thursday evening on Southwest, not a bad flight. Played some "intense" $1/$3 LHE at the Excalibur that night with my brother, w...
  2. August 4th - 10th

    Overall a nice trip. Flight to Vegas was painless and without a lot of chop, which is always nice. Stayed at the Bellagio while working...

Recent Reviews

Very average

It was sunken in, several tables in O.K. shape. Certainly nothing special, certainly not in bad condition I was... Read More

Aces cracked

This room is declining in quality. It will be below average soon. Played at a predictable table with mostly fairly... Read More

A pretty good time

The room is nice, but it can't be called good due to the tables (though they do have auto shufflers). Also,... Read More