electronic poker tables suck!

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just got back from a long weekend in Vegas, stayed free at IP(nothing fancy but the sheets were clean and the staff was excellent). Went over to Excalibur to check out the new electronic tables and played .50-1.00 NLH. A light bar at the top of the screen shows who's turn it is to act. Two or three people at my table kept having to be told that it was their turn to act and then someone would get up from the table without logging out. So then do you fold for them? One time it was someone's blind, then what do you do? You have to make sure to put enough money on your card so that you can rebuy without having to go up to the cage like I did and make another transaction, have it put on your card, and then sign the receipt after you've waited in line behind four other people doing the same. You'd think that since it's a computer it would be fast like online but it's actually much slower than a regular live game without having a dealer to move it along. Tip your dealers well people, they deserve it more than you might realize. IP is a great place to play except for the noise at night(coming from the Dealertainers which are actually very entertaining) and if people lean on the tables they tilt in that direction. Harrah's is my all-around favorite room. Good tourneys, efficient cocktail waitresses and very little noise, but the chairs don't have much cushioning. The Palms has a nice room also and a great movie theater. I checked out the Mirage, Caesar's, and
Bellagio rooms but didn't play there. They are all beautiful but I prefer the more low-key joints. For my money Harrahs is the best place to stay(IP if you want cheaper) and it's easy to get to a lot of other good rooms from there.

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  1. I must agree that they are hit and miss. The first time that I played on one was during a cruise. That was the only poker available and it was okay suppose. I mean its like online poker with the ability to see your opponents. However no chips....and the table didn't have a Max Buy-in, so someone with $50 or $1000 could Buy-in! I prefer live brick and mortar games over the electronic tables but its way better than playing Poker Slots!

  2. i think the best way to tell what people think of these tables is to look at pokertek's stock. when the tables went in to the excalibur the stock was at $5.10 a share. yesterday (jan 23rd) it closed at $1.23.

  3. @james1958

    Are you serious and I was just about to sink my life's savings into their stock. :wink: Electronic poker tables don't do anything but piss me off. It is just my honest, visceral reaction to them. Then if I think about them long enough I almost want to vomit.

  4. @james1958

    This is a clever distortion of fact. Why not cite how the stock was once even higher? Around 8.00 or more I seem to recall. This is a tech stock and is cratering like every other tech stock. Blackberry stock was over 100.00 when these tables went in and now it's in the 40s. Guess Blackberry is failing too by your logic. Pretty sure it's that old political axiom: "it's the economy, stupid".

    That said, these are hard to enjoy when you go to Vegas looking for that live experience. I have not encountered the slowness but many people complain about it. Even with the timers, you still play many many more hands per hour. But it is impersonal, like playing online. I stayed at Ex from 1/18 - 1/21 and never found the room empty. And if this stupid economy continues, I see them spreading like wildfire. They are cheaper and faster and take more rake.

    But who knows, the rumors about City Center doing LA style poker mega room and shutting down the competition are strong...but that's just rumor.

  5. hmmm....so how long until we get attacked again???

    Seems it always happens after an anti electronic tables thread pops up

  6. I played with these tables in Indiana when I visited Chicago. I found that they are a good alternative to live and I don't see why they should be bashed.

    Also, in places like Cherokee Casino in North Carolina where the blackjack tables must be dealerless, this might be the only way that poker will be allowed.

    I envision that in the future, dealers will become more expensive and the casinos will either need to pay them hgigher salaries (not likely) or increase the rake (likely) or install these machines (most likely).

  7. Dealers won't become more expensive because casinos can legally pay them less than minimum wage because they are tipped employees. The tables may make sense in small casinos or places that can't have dealers. But in Vegas, they don't make sense. Anyone who thinks these are the way of the future needs to ask themselves one question...Can you honestly see 200 of these tables being used at the WSOP?

  8. @NoDeuces

    which equals more rake per hour

  9. why would anyone go all the way to vegas just to play on electronic poker table when u can go anywhere and play with a good dealer keeping the game moving..if u want electronic just stay home and play on-line that way u can play in your underwear.. :smile: :flushed: