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  1. $65 Negreanus and How Bout Them Cats!

    Monday, October 8 – Saturday, October 13 I made my third trip to Las Vegas with my father and his Las Vegas crew. My father’s crew, be...
  2. July 7 - 12 Poker Trip

    Las Vegas Poker Trip Report: 7/7/08 – 7/12/08 I hadn’t planned to come to Las Vegas this year due to various vacations with the family a...

Recent Reviews

Very Nice Room!

Quiet, removed, enclosed area. No casino noise. No cigarette smoke. Tables are in good condition. Would like to see... Read More

Good Room, Kinda Loud

Overall the room is not a room and that is its biggest fault. Friday night noise from the casino floor was too much... Read More

Nice Little Room

Nice small room. Everything is in good shape and the room has a friendly feel. The vibe is inviting rather than... Read More