AQ Suited Spades play

Strategy & Advice by PokerScottJr65 Posted

Just knocked out in a tournament the play was AQ Suited Spades. I bet pre flop in the big too 900. The blinds were 3-600 BB ante. So I'm in for 1500 with 8k left. SB calls everyone else out. Flop. Q 8 4. I have the nut flush draw and top pair top kicker. Man calls my all in says he flopped two pair. And I run out x x on the turn and river. What did I do wrong? Any advice?


  1. Guessing he had q8 suited?
    Not sure why you go allin on the flop?
    Sb range is large there against a bb raise. I bet 1/3 pot, check turn maybe fire 1/3 pot river leaving you around 4000 still.

  2. With only 15-ish BB left there is no way to get away from TPTK with flush draw against flopped two pair here; you are going broke. Sometimes it's just your time to die.

    As dmbfan says, it is fine to bet a smaller size here and your opponent will have to continue with a wide range, but he should be C/R all-in here with Q8 and you will have to call obvs.

  3. On that flop in a tournament with those stack sizes you go broke so long as the two pair plays correctly. Given how shallow you are I would do a much bigger raise pre-flop; if you are the BB and no one raised I'd go all in and try to win it there.