Recent Reviews

Nice Room!!

The room is great looking, well staffed, and the dealers were pretty good. I was just driving through town and jumped... Read More


Glad to hear the Tarrant DA dropped charges and you will be reopening soon. Now I can use my membership.,,... Read More

Great promotions

Peaks is working hard to attract/reward members with promotions and hourly rate incentives for new members. The club... Read More

Relaxing place to play

I came for the free-roll and stayed for the cash game. SHUFFLE has good dealers, great floors, and a no-nonsense... Read More

Great opening night

The place was packed! It was well staffed and things ran fairly smoothly for an opening night. Cash games opened up... Read More


The last time a club was "offline" with Poker Atlas it was just prior to closing. I like the staff at Shuffle 214... Read More

What's up?

Registration on Poker Atlas is blocked. That's not a good sign. Are they paying their bills? I heard they had cash... Read More

Check it out.

Good promotions, professional managers, friendly competition, free drinks and the nearby mexican restaurant delivers.... Read More