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  1. Poker While on a Conference a challenge indeed

    Golden Nugget First off I only played the 1/2 NL games in every casino. In my mind the holdem games are like bingo. Only played in the...
  2. Melons vs Goat Boys Part 1

    This is a recurring trip that my brother and I have been doing for the past 3 years. This year we added the other bro(the original goat ...

Recent Reviews

One of the best in town

High end room in a high end facility. Tables are in top shape, chairs are as good as you get. Overall this room is... Read More

Not missing much......

Room or perhaps best described as an area. Tables old and worn. Regular chairs and not very comfortable. One table... Read More

whats the deal

Tables and chairs are new from the last time I was there. No real change otherwise. A lot of smoke from the rail as... Read More

Not as I expected

Tables were huge, or at least seemed it. The room or area is loud but not as bad as I expected. They could use new... Read More

Too hard to get too!!

Its new, liked the cards on the outside walls. Chairs and tables were above average. Not as good as the high end... Read More