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Sitting in a 1-3 game last week. Guy makes it $10. Next guy makes it $50. Everyone folds. They took $6 rake with no... Read More


It's located in a terrible neighborhood as a guy came up to my car slapping the hood, looking for money. Same guy did... Read More


Tye dealer Anthony turned my second card over twice on the big blind in a round. Never said sorry. The second time... Read More

closing early

They have a 1-2 table going and four players at one of the carnival games on a Saturday and they decide to kick... Read More

rude dealers and players

Wow. Second time there only because I was in the area. Again rude dealers and players. I won but low class of... Read More


One of the worst run rooms ever. They never announce the promotions. Half the dealers don't know what they are... Read More


Maria is a great waitress ... Good bar service ... Good food and reasonable drink and food prices... Read More