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Went on Poker Atlas. Saw 7 people were waiting to play poker. Signed up. Drove ALL the way over there only to find... Read More


Poker is hit or hear. Mostly miss. Poker does not seem to be a priority at this casino or there are not enough poker... Read More

way too HOT

Play is good, dealers are very good and the floor is great! The big problem is that the room gets way too hot. I've... Read More


It's fun to play poker there if you get on a table. I absolutely effing hate to wait though. I'm waiting right now.... Read More

slots suck

Love the poker room, hate the sound of slot machines. It'd be great if they could close off the Poker Room from the... Read More

well run

The poker room is quite well run and comfortable. The waiters are very efficient but they just started wearing gaudy,... Read More