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at one time was the spot

I remember when this place first opened years ago and every 30 mins a bell would go off and we would all have to... Read More

simply the best

Been playing here since it's opening and previous owners. Been 2 years since my first review so here's an update. The... Read More


Been coming here for years. Started with 52 then 88 and now 101. First time back in awhile. Place is very spacious... Read More

Still the original

I'll never forget the day this place opened after moving from Manchaca. I was one of the original members and always... Read More

very good

Good room. I've played them all. Decent dealers and staff. Honestly if you are on this side of Houston it's great.... Read More

wow just wow

I have played in some sketchy places but this place is beyond. An employee sits in the 10 seat and they rake $15 a... Read More

great room

Great place to play. Great action and great price. Ran by good people who know how to run a room. Big drink cooler... Read More