Recent Reviews

Doesn't get much better

An exceptional poker room. Great cash games and incredibly fun tournaments. Structures are straight forward and to... Read More

Very Underrated

Skill wise this is the strongest room in Atlantic city. A lot of equity bets here, makes the tournaments an endurance... Read More

Good Room

Only having 2 tournaments a week does bring down my rating from 5 stars, but overall this room is good. Players a... Read More

A joke

No tournaments. Its a shame that this hotel has not learned from the mistakes that Revel had when it opened.... Read More

Welcome to the dungeon

Pros: Very high amount of fishes. A lot of people go for broke. Skill level is pretty basic. a lot of the players... Read More

Best poker room in florida

Incredibly bright atmosphere. Great prize pool in tournament play with modest rake. Player skill varies (pretty tame... Read More

Deceptive Format

Worst use of add on format that I have ever seen. Prize pool seemed a lot lower than it should have been. I feel like... Read More

Strong Room

Good room for NL poker and higher stakes tournaments. Level of play here is serious. Some pros, very few tourists.... Read More

Basic but nice

Average poker room. Level of play varies. A lot of the players here are tourists, but you could tell that there were... Read More