Recent Reviews

Love this place

Nothing special, bit dated, but the new space is excellent, lot of walk-by action. Mix of ancient rocks and drunks,... Read More

I won't be back

Room's fine, one of the busiest room in vegas. Pretty solid collection of grinders and solid players mixed with rich... Read More

Boring, rude dealers

You can hear dead people in here, zero personality. I like quiet, but this is ridiculous. Standard mix of grinders... Read More

Not what it should be

cramped tables, no cup holders, strange for a place like the Bellagio Standard Vegas mix of fish, old grinders,... Read More

Soft game, well run

Hate the tables, plenty of space, chairs make a ten hour grind rough on the back. Very soft every time I've been... Read More

One of the best

Room's fine, tables, fine, cards are cheap like all WSOP joints. Tough for non-smokers, and the noise level is... Read More

One of the best

Superb room, bit tight, but great chairs. Very tough weekdays, but weekend 2-5 against drunk Europeans is quite... Read More