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A door fee plus rake can have a negative effect on this new spot. House is making more than enough on the wack per... Read More

Poker Tables

Those tables in this place are horrible. Whomever idea it was to build tables with such high arm rests should never... Read More

1-3 PLO

This is a good place to play, but with the $200 minimum for this game, you're going to lose customers. All of the... Read More

Emilychase- I agree

I stopped playing there months ago and there are other great poker rooms in town. Just go on poker Atlas and pick one... Read More

Omaha pro

You've been advertising'Opening Soon' for a long time. Just when are you opening? Are you going to open and can you... Read More

Terrible Rules

This place will soon lose its customers like Prime did. They have silly rules and don't care if their dealers are... Read More

Entry Fee

You should consider allowing veterans free or discounted entry like other poker clubs in the Houston area. I think... Read More