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No parking

I stopped by here to see what things were like post-shootings . Unfortunately I wasn't able to park as they have... Read More

High hopes for this place

Yes they are struggling to win back players that went to Legends after JC and crew had their issues. But they are... Read More

Good place

I'm not a huge fan of rooms that have a rake instead of time charge since it can be hard to verify that they aren't... Read More

Too early to tell

I was there last night. Opening day promotion packed the place, but too early to tell whether they will get the... Read More

Best room in Houston

...right now (action tends to move around in this town). This place has crazy good action. Just play solid and... Read More

Terrible room

This place is dishonest. Let me count the ways.... 1. The owner flat out stole money from anyone who had paid for... Read More