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nice room

small but nice When we were there to play no -limit the stack were huge, and the competition was... Read More


I like this room as it is enclosed with glass, and is smoke free. Again a mixture of mostly tourists some who are... Read More

nice room

This is a great room isolated from the rest of the casino with many TV's, and close to the SportsBook Some great... Read More

Comfiest Chairs

Wonderful room, Comfy chairs. I thought that it would be tougher. Everyone at my table was quite capable, but I did... Read More

Friendly Room

This nice room, with great decor. Not a lot of extra room, but enough to play. A lot of locals at the low limits,... Read More

The cream of the crop

this is a nice room, not a lot of extra space, but the decor is nice. even sitting at the low levels had a large... Read More


I hated this room. Nostalgic or not. It was extremely smokey over half of my table were extremely drunk. Once I got... Read More

Just a Nook

just a corner off the casino with about 4 tables Probably the worst assortment of players I have seen in a... Read More