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what happened

After polling 465 players I know the results are in, and the 500 is these worst card room/ casino is the Central... Read More

And the Winner is?

In the Fresno/Clovis area and the entire Central Valley The Best Casino is Table Mountain. Club One is next to last(... Read More

still not reopen yet

GOOD, They will improve by just doing One thing REMAIN CLOSED. Reopening would be a crime against Poker On a scale... Read More

tru playa 3

I asked around, they are only about the rake. Management is still amazingly out of touch and one sided. But they are... Read More

try playa 3

They are supposed to be building a new casino (card room)Why! If it's operations the same. Save time & money, they... Read More

Reopen or Close

If run by same management-CLOSE if don't clean chips daily- CLOSE continue with menus REOPEN same attitude towards... Read More

return to action

Table mountain is a real casino.It sounds, smell, looks,& acts like a casino Management, security, dealers,service,&... Read More

vip playa

When the virus is gone and you're trying to get players to return to the games.They will remember how they were... Read More


Poor table lighting, Bad food ,drinks and service! Bad and dangerous parking.Unprofessional security.95%of the... Read More