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Rake + hourly + raking 30 to 40 percent of tpurnement prize pools = CLIP JOINT. THIS IS NOT POKER ROOM. IT IS A RIP... Read More

Comfortable place

Empires second property is coming along nice. Small comfortable room with great seats/chairs and some beer and mixed... Read More

Welcomed news

Got the chance to drop in at this new 101 Richmond. Plenty of action and smiling faces. Good to see many familiar... Read More

Good joint

Played yesterday here finally. It is indeed everything one would come to expect from Texas Card House. This place is... Read More

Clip joint.

How many house players does this place have? Vietnamese and maybe some Mandarin being spoken at the tables. Shady,... Read More

Good place to grind

Good action. Good staff. Whats not to like about grinding here? Table service is on time and cordial. Worth the extra... Read More

Keeps getting worse

Jan 17 2020 was the last time i peeked in. Welp, now its jan 20th 2021 and the place is awful. 15 to 20 dollar rake... Read More

I really like this joint

Champions social listens to the people who play in their club and they act on issues member players care about. I've... Read More