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brutal, unbeatable

10% up to $15 I thought up to $10 was bad Poker in Ontario is a joke Elements casino Branford same @#$% No... Read More

new and improved

Played on a Monday late afternoon until 7pm. Lower rake than Rama; got a seat right away and enjoyed myself. Poker... Read More

Rama is legit

Stop hating... it's decent. I've been to worse cardrooms. On average you are very lucky to have this quality card... Read More

Thursday night

Only had 1 day table running 1/3$ NL The list was HuGe!! They didn't even open a second table. Kinda lame. Nice... Read More

Great Poker Room

Such a disappointment that we don't have these types of Poker Rooms in Toronto. This one is better than Rama,... Read More

not good

The only reason to go to this poker room is because there is no other poker room in Toronto . No auto dealers... Read More

Friday night 1/3$

The dealers are good. They move fast and make sure players know it's their turn. $6 every half hour is pretty steep... Read More

Good Times

1/2$ NL Was fun. Dealers weren't the best, but good enough. Friday night, a few fishy drunks a few regulars who knew... Read More