Poker Tables:
26 Tables
Minimum Age:
RegPokerPlayer wrote a review about 52 Social Club in Round Rock, TX

AVOID this room.

Room charges $12/hr plus membership and takes a $5 RAKE from each hand which is completely ILLEGAL in Texas. Avoid this or you run the risk of Law enforcement action while you're there.

This room routinely gets only 1-2 tables and only later in the day for a few hours. They fake the # of tables too. Tables have at least 4 "house players" (paid) and the wheelchair owner June. While the club is aesthetically really good, it has a terrible seedy vibe that starts with the owner. He yells at staff and customers out loud. Just awful. Any promo payouts will go to insiders, including this car giveaway.

The 5 star reviews here are fake or old when the room had good management last year for a while. Just go and see for yourself but be sure to use the bathroom before you run out - it really is nice!

This is the same slimy guy who ran 52 Social in Houston that failed to pay out players and staff (Google it), and he's been in all sorts of legal trouble. He tried another room in Houston in the beginning of 2023 (Infinity) that crashed and burned in under 3 months. He's failed repeatedly and multiple buyers have walked away from this location.

No real Floors or experienced poker room operators. There are other good rooms in Austin. Go there and enjoy real poker that is professionally run. On multiple occasions he got experienced pros but he ran them all off one by one, including crews from Vegas. Guess they all figured out ownership is just bad news.

Food and Drink

Announcements from 52 Social Club

Unwind, Dine and Wim at 52 Social !
Discover a one - stop destination where dining and full service bar meet the thrill of Poker. Indulge in delights at our restaurant and bar , then test your luck at our exciting Poker room. It is the ultimate night out !

*** We will open 6:00 P.M. *****

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