Poker Tables:
10 Tables
Minimum Age:
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
dougstromain wrote a review about 5220 Social in Burleson, TX

Great room! Great action!

I was a little hesitant at first, a card room in Burleson, but I sat down at 1/3 NLH and had the best time! The dealers choice button for every revolution definitely kept the game interesting, including a game that everybody called for named Texoma (a split pot limit game where a player plays a hold'em and Omaha hand simultaneously) that everybody wanted to play. The dealers are quick and accurate, especially with pot limit and split pot games, which is a big plus when you're paying by the hour. The service is great, with everybody including dealers helping on the floor with whatever the players need. All the employees are buzzing around the room ready to assist you, but not in a bothersome way. One of the dealers literally stood up from his shift of dealing to take drink orders for the table!

While hold'em is why I came in, a $5/$10 ROE (Round of Each, rotating from PLO, Congress, and Texoma) table opened up around 10pm and brought the stakes up tremendously. They played it as an ante table (no pre-flop betting) so everybody got to play the flop, which added to the excitement. I didn't get a chance to play in the tournament, since I showed up after the sign-in time, but I'll definitely come back for it.

All in all, this is a great room and absolutely worth the trip for me.

Will definitely be back.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from 5220 Social

Open 7 Days a week
Sunday thru Wednesday at 5pm till ??
Thursday and Friday at 1pm till??
Saturday at 5pm till??

New $100 Straddle Tournament every Saturday!

[b]* New Saturday Promo!!!!* Enter the Tournament and play free cash games all night!! Promo ends at 12am!!!!

Come check out details of active Bad Beat! 6 6 6 6 cracked!!
Bad Beat

New tournament every 1st Wednesday of the month $115 buy-in 1 re-buy $60, $40 addon at the break!!

Thursday $75.00 green chip bounty tournament!

Early Registration for any tournament 2k bonus chips


Don't Know the games? Want to learn?
Come in any day from 5pm till 7pm for instructional Poker Class
PLO, Congress, NLH, Bomb Pots ect...

Every Sunday Tournament #4 $23.00 entry
7pm Tournament
$23 entry NLH.

New Players welcome every day, but if you need refresher or learn any of the games, come out Wednesday's and we will give new players an edge!! 6pm till ?

More Money in the prize pool for Free Rolls! Only $5.00 chair fee from rebuys the rest goes to the pool!

New $125.00 NLH Tournament every Thursday, Bounty Tournament!!!!

We are open, come on out!!!

See ya soon!!!!

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Must try.

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Great Room!

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gking36 wrote a review about 5220 Social in Burleson, TX

great room

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