Poker Tables:
10 Tables
Open Now (2:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
deleted286400 wrote a review about 5220 Social in Burleson, TX

not enough action

The place is pretty nice. When there are players, it's ok.

There was at least one player that was either so on tilt or confused on variance that he would...I'll use the word berate, but at least rib...other players from making what he perceived to be low EV moves. He would be so upset that a flush draw would draw out on his two pair (or big bluff, etc). He couldn't just tap the table and say "that player is good for the game."

Dealers have a good balance of professional and fun.

Food is at the level of concession stand. Just make sure you have a plan for your meal if you can find a game.

The couple of times I've been there, there was no game or the game was way short handed. Really, 1/3 NLH was the only game they did have. They do have a reverse dealers choice button if everyone agrees to it. Someone called it the fun button. That was cool.

I played the Mike's Memorial tourney. That's a pretty good EV game. It was $14k+ prize pool and a lot of very weak players. Be ready to ride the variance train though.

All in all, not a bad place to play. I hope more players come here to liven the place up if I'm ever back in town to play.

Announcements from 5220 Social

Open 7 Days a week
Sunday thru Thursday at 5pm till ??
Friday and Saturday 3pm till ??


Big Game Wednesday $115 re-entry, 1 $60 addon at the break!!

Early Registration for any tournament 5k bonus chips

New Double ADD-ONS on all tournaments!!!!!

We are open, come on out!!!
See ya soon!!!!

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