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VegasJaydon wrote a review about Aliante Casino in North Las Vegas, NV

No... Just No

In regards to the "Poker Pro" Poker Tables at Aliante Casino and Hotel and the people who run them and are making bad decisions for the players... In my opinion... ( Very unhappy with the way your Tournaments are ran, the structure, no re-buys and how it is just all around badly run. Came the 1st week and it was advertised as 20 minute blinds... It was 10 minute blinds. (They played it with 10 minute blinds for the 1st 3 or 4 days... No one said anything until I did... They changed it the next day.) Came back a week and a half later and I wanted to re-buy... They just straight up say no... Even though it was advertised at unlimited re-buys through the 1st 3 levels. (They changed that the next day too.) I live a quick 10 minute drive away and I don't even want to come back. It's being ran by the table games managers... And they just seem to not care. Sad... Been waiting a long time for them to get these tables and they screw it up. Thought I'd let my 4,000 Facebook Friends know... ;-) Since you want to have an "I don't care attitude" about my back-to-back bad experiences... ) Even though I got 1st place that 1st time playing there. Lol

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