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19 Tables
Open Now (8:00am - 5:45am)
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8:00am - 5:45am
8:00am - 5:45am
8:00am - 5:45am
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All Day
All Day
All Day
Croc1 wrote a review about Ameristar St Charles in St. Charles, MO

Best Room Within 500 Miles

Great room with wonderful dealers and pretty good management. There are 2 other rooms in the St. Louis area, but this one is by far the best.
Kind of quiet on weekdays, but weekends get crazy and they usually have every table in the room (around 20) going. The hourly comps could use improvement and management can be slow at times, but they try hard. On the weekends this room spreads $3/6 limit, $1/2 and $2/3 NL and a few bigger Omaha and mixed games. Competition can be very tough on the $1/2 NL games; not quite as tough at the $2/3 level as long as you have enough chips to keep up with the other splashing money-trees playing at your table.
My only negative used to be that the room's cashier cage was always closed, making it a long, smoky walk to get chips, but it appears (as of 9/16/22) that the cage has least on weekends. Other than that, this is a great room with jackpots for bad beats and high hands, a deli next door, good wifi, lots of TVs, USB charging at (some) tables and restrooms next door.

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