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photoc wrote a review about ARIA in Las Vegas, NV

One of the best!

This has to be one of the best looking rooms around! From the eclectic card sculptures that outline the room, the comfortable chairs that recline, the plethora of LCD TV's, the cool deep red felt, and the location right next to the main valet and parking garage, this place is hard to beat! The restrooms are even directly adjacent to the poker room. Also located near the room is a coffee counter and the sports book restaurant and take out window. Food service is available in the poker room from the same place. A little pricey, but then again, this place cost 12 billion dollars to build, there isn't much cheap here (see the cafe $80 for 2 person lunch).

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder on this one. Being that Aria is the newest hottest thing in Vegas, it is attracting people from all walks of life and all ranges of competency when it comes to playing poker. I've sat at some very tough games with "pros" waiting for higher games and I've been in some loosey goosey games. There are plenty of tables to go around, just get a table change if you're not comfortable.

These are some of the most experienced dealers you're going to find in any card room in Las Vegas. Aria required 5 years of dealing just to have a chance at getting in here and it shows. Lots of them are highly experienced with a variety of games, and those that aren't, are learning quickly.

OMG I'm in love at first sight, with each and every server I've encountered!!!! Each time I've played, a server has been in the room roaming around or even waiting by a table that is about to open to see if anyone needs anything. These women are just sweethearts. The service bar is located right next to the poker room, so drinks are the fastest in town by far!

The poker room manager came from the Bellagio and really knows what he's doing. It shows in his selection of supervisors and shift managers. Every single one I've encounter has been nothing but professional, yet friendly and not standoffish in anyway. They're more than happy to chat with you for a few minutes if they have time and try to accommodate you for game choices as best as possible. They're trying to get a feel for what games the players are going to be most interested in playing and offer those regularly.

Standard MGM Mirage players card swipe system at the tables (Genesis Bravo) with the standard $1 per hour that is able to be used in some of the restaurants. No discount room rate is available yet for poker and no jackpots are running. Which isn't all bad, as most of MGM Mirage's bigger rooms don't use them anyways (V, B, and MGM).

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