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  1. The Grinder tourney at Planet Hollywoo

    Had 50 players the first night. Grinder won it, but had to be an "alternate" twice. Someone did get the bounty on the first knockout an...
  2. AVP and Local Party

    A friend of mine suggested we have a party in an out of the way type of spot, so we settled on Santa Fe Station. I got ahold of Mickey, ...

Recent Reviews

One of the best!

This has to be one of the best looking rooms around! From the eclectic card sculptures that outline the room, the... Read More

Never again

The room has a nice look to it and thats as good as it gets. CRAMPED comes to mind. Lots of shouting for seats,... Read More

The Nuts

One of the finest rooms in the city. The chairs were comfy and adjustable. The tables were a bit on the small side.... Read More

Average at best

First off, I cannot stand having very little to no room to move around in. This room was built for 6 tables and has... Read More

Locals abundant here

Lots of tables and they added a betting line finally. The tables still slant at the edges and it's hard to stack... Read More

Follow Up Review

This is still one of the nicest poker rooms that I've been in. Same as my last review Most are old local NIT NIT... Read More

One of the worst

Roped off section on the second floor. 10 tables all in sub par condition. The felt is so slippery that a player... Read More

Comfortable place to play

This has the be nicest looking little room to play in. The table layouts are beautiful, the chairs are comfy, they... Read More