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Chance wrote a review about ARIA in Las Vegas, NV

Pleasant in Every Way

The Aria has the reputation of having a lot of tough players. The good news is the $2-5 NL game is no tougher here than the $1-3 game, so if your bankroll allows it, you're much better off at higher stakes. You could even argue that the $2-5 game is looser, especially with with pre-flop raise calls. The guys tend to sit down to that game with $500-$1,000 and if you buy light and get a decent hand they don't mind doubling you up for it. I don't remember too many hands that didn't pay off until my table stake started to match theirs.

That said, this would be a tough place to grind out a living during the weekdays. Unless you go on a rush it could frequently be a slow bleed. On the weekends and especially weekend evenings the social poker players hit the table and chips are flying everywhere. Those kinds of players do not care what you have and don't mind getting all-in with the worst of it. Barring the obvious bad beats now and then you could pay off your weekend visit in a single session if a few things go right. I appreciate that the rake caps at $4 with no jackpot, and players earn $2 an hour for food. They'll bring room service right to the table for you. How convenient. I even had some money left on my card from last year and they honored that too. The room has the perfect ambiance for me with enough TVs to keep up with sporting events.

The dealers I have seen are mostly good. Some are quiet and keep to themselves and others are as talkative as a barber. They all seem to run a good game.

Management is a good at getting to the bottom of disputes. I saw a pretty big contested pot that took 20 minutes or so to work out with the cameras, but they just put that money aside and we kept playing until a ruling could be made.

The cocktail lounge is stocked with nearly everything with Fuji water being the default drink of most players even if they are nursing a highball or two.

I have not played in one of their tournaments although the structure benefits the competent player. Twice I went to the Aria for the tourney but got caught up in a wild cash game and didn't think I would be able to slow back down.

I have always thought the Bellagio was overrated with their cramped tables and indifferent management. I was an immediate fan of the Venetian after its opening and played their regularly for several years. I have since found the Aria to be the superior place.

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