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DiamondDiva wrote a review about bestbet Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL

Awesome Tourneys

There's a reason the WPT comes here all the time other than it being in Florida. The tournament staff here has grown so much and does an incredible job running tournaments.

BB has a very nice tourney structure all the time, not just for WPT. And it's one of the best deals you're going to find during the week. If you've never been, there are $40 tourneys running during the week plus a pretty good mix of other events. Omaha, Bounty Tourneys, deepstack events are always going on and even better - the turnouts are usually good enough to make it worth your while.

Of course, part of the turnout may be because there's a huge bad beat jackpot going on right now (over 100k). As you'd expect it's bringing out the crazies on the weekends but they can ship their chips to me all night if they want.

C'mon down to J'Ville next time you get a chance - you'll really enjoy it!

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