acehighsicilian wrote a review about Casino Del Sol in Tucson, AZ

Decent for small stakes. Overall Positive

Easy to tell the Poker Room was an afterthought, but it serves it's purpose well for the average recreational player, and I think most serious players and those with professional ambitions will find it acceptable as a frequent destination to sharpen and/or develope their abilities with the lower stakes games offered.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Casino Del Sol

APoker Weekly TournamentsA
Thursday @ 6pm, Tuesday and Wednesday @ 1pm
$40 Buy-in, $5 Dealer Appreciation, $5 Add-on (after 5th round)

Sunday Bounty Tournament at 1pm
$60 Buy-in $10 Chip-up
Knock a player out and receive $20!

ASuited Splash Pots
When three (3) spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds appear on the flop, $50 will be splashed on the next hand.

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